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whiskey maple coffee cocktail

There is no question that whiskey, maple syrup and coffee are all individually delicious. As I was exploring new iced coffee options, I was surprised at how well all three of them work together though. Now even after I knew the ingredients necessary for this drink, it took some time to get the proportions just right. I found it was a delicate balance to find the perfect sweetness with the syrup, bite with the whiskey and flavor of the coffee. Too much of any of them threw off the drink. After much experimentation, I found the proportions that I think mix perfectly to blend the coffee and whiskey flavors, while allowing the maple syrup to accentuate it all with a little sweetness.

The Ingredients

In my recipe I (unintentionally) used all Kirkland-brand (Costco) ingredients including their blended scotch whiskey, organic maple syrup and organic whole milk. Any whiskey, scotch or bourbon will work though, so use whatever you prefer. I also experimented with both whole milk and cream. Both work, but I found cream to be even better and help maximize the creaminess without having to dilute the coffee and whiskey too much.


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