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A History and Momentum,,,Where to next?

There was something powerful about venturing out from our quarantined places using technology. Ideas and creativity (“what about following a star. Could we go outdoors and look at real stars”) met some technical know how to make group experiences possible. Technology did not work smoothly, but we all persisted. To use a word beloved of Br Roger of Taize, there was and is something provisional about what we are about. There is no building, no finance, no employees. Each next step occurs because of the commitment and energy of busy people. Starting years ago with physical walks outdoors at key liturgical points with adults and children, we moved indoors for Easter Sunday 2020 and met remotely. Then back outdoors with technology and four very different opportunities for advent. This was much more ambitious than the one off meeting for advent when physical meeting was possible. There appears to be a hunger for community here. And it is not unique. It is part of a broader hunger seen in so many group videos. I think of the carol of the UCD veterinary college students and staff. We have a history and a momentum. Where to next?


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