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The process of putting it together...

My favourite part of the Advent gatherings was the process itself.

I loved being part of it. I loved witnessing the process. The gathering of ideas, the words that gave those ideas wings, the people who stepped forward to see ideas through and the resourcefulness and innovation that people used to gather together when it was not possible to gather groups of more than six people in person was inspiring to me. I loved that people reached out to invite others and I enjoyed meeting those that joined. I loved that young and old families and single people were all central to making our Advent events work. I loved the sharing of faith and the faith in the process. It was a true witness that we all have gifts to bring to the table and the Spirit works best when we trust the process and we trust eachother. I often wonder about the phrase "See how they loved one another". This love was the way in which people recognised the followers of Jesus. How was that love built? It was built through shared meals, long journeys on foot, shared life experiences, listening to the stories of Jesus and mulling over the meaning together. How do we do that today? I am not sure but I think that during the process of planning and sharing our Advent events we captured some of that.


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