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Who we are

We are a group of people who create spaces several times a year and invite those interested – both young and old-  to come and participate in activities and conversations about faith.  To date, these have taken place to align with significant periods in Christian calendar, Lent, Easter, Pentecost and Advent.

Many of those involved  have previously been involved in various faith formation activities rooted in the Ignatian Spirituality tradition and have trained in faith formation, theology and facilitation.

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About: Who We Are

Our Vision

Vibrant and  joyful  community of people who share gospel/ Christian values and feel supported in their efforts to live out these values.  

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Our Mission

To co-produce creative, participative inclusive spaces to unfold faith and gain a lived understanding of what the Gospel means in our lives and in the world today

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Our Values


At a time when it is difficult to talk about faith and values in many spaces, we believe there is a real power in the meaning-making that happens when people express what may not be expressible elsewhere

Shared leadership

As believers we share a responsibility to tend our own faith, and are deeply enriched when the leadership around these spaces is shared. In doing this we are consciously offering a different model to the hierarchical model of the institutional Church.

Participation & Inclusion

Trust in the giftedness of all present, and to be surprised and delighted by what can and does emerge when those present are invited to creatively engage.


Attentiveness to what each person brings and right for all to have their contributions respected.


Ultimately, we believe the Christian message is one of joy

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Our story so far

The first open gathering took place in Advent 2008 in All Hallows, and gatherings have since taken place at a variety of locations:  Sophia Wisdom Centre, Glendalough, Dublin Hills, Phoenix Park Donabate Beach, Portmarnock Strand, Botanic Gardens and St Anne’s Park.  We have come to appreciate the freedom and flexibility that outdoor venues provided, and the natural mixing and multiple conversations supported by walking together in the open air.
During Covid, we made the transition to online, and while initially sceptical as to whether it would be possible to retain the quality of connection and conversation, we found ways to blend on and off screen activity that worked very well and were very much appreciated particularly during times of stricter lockdown.

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About: Who We Are
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